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Following are step-by-step instructions with photos detailing how to convert your Intimidator for Low Pressure operation.
This information presented here was taken from various forums on the internet and rumored to have came from Bob Long himself.
Paintball Markers use CO2 or high pressure air for propulsion.
If you are not comfortable performing this conversion, please don't.
If you blow up your marker doing this, I am not responsible.
Make sure and de-gas your marker BEFORE you attempt this.
Intimidator is a registered trademark of Bob Long.
We are not affiliated with Bob Long in any way.
We just know a good marker when we see one.

This is your basic Intimidator front end and the tools you will need to perform this modification.
A 3/16" allen wrench and a 3/8" socket and ratchet or nut driver.
You are removing the high pressure regulator from your marker and converting that space into a low pressure air chamber.
Bob has a new Low Pressure Chamber available that holds more air and makes it work even better.
You will need a good low pressure regulator to screw into the ASA adapter or a tank with a good adjustable regulator for this to work properly.
The regulator or tank you use will have to be capable of supplying good flow at approximately 180 to 200 PSI.
I was using a Palmer Stabilizer and my son was using a Black Ice when we did this article.
He tested a Vigilante and had better results with this one over the Black Ice as it had better flow characteristics.
We are presently both testing the Mac Development Gladiators right now.
We were both using a Crossfire 68 cubic inch 3000 PSI preset tank with great results initially.
I am using a 68/4500 CenterFlag preset and my son is using a 68/4500 CenterFlag adjustable set to 500PSI output now.
The driving reason for the switch to the 4500 was shot count when playing tournaments - I play back and spray a lot of paint.
We start with the in-line regulator set to about 200 PSI and go from there.
The low pressure regulator (recock regulator is the one on bottom) on our markers is set at 85 PSI to start.
This is the pressure Bob recommends for the LP regulator for maximum efficiency.
You also need to check the wire color coming from your solenoids.
If you have two black wires coming from it, you need to start with 6ms dwell time.
If you have a black and a green wire like we have, you need to start with 16ms dwell time.
Don't confuse the wires coming from the board, they are always green and black - check coming out of the solenoid.
With a dwell time of 16ms and these pressures, the kick of the marker is much less and seems easier to hold on target.
It seems to be quieter, too.
With these static settings, you will be in the ballpark on the chrono.

To make access easier, first remove the barrel.
Next, remove the allen screw from the top regulator using the 3/16" allen wrench.
This will take the tension off of the spring and make removal of the housing easier.

After you get the allen screw out, remove the top high pressure regulator housing from the marker.
They are usually not more than "hand-tight", so no tools are required.
If you can't get it off by hand, VERY CAREFULLY wrap a piece of rubber or something around it to pad it and use pliers.
This is what it looks like inside.

Take the 3/16" allen wrench and push the insides out of the regulator housing.
There is a piston, a spring and a washer.
Remove all these parts for now.
If you have a High Pressure Vigilante regulator for an in-line reg, you can use the orange spring from the Intimidator to replace the one in the Vigi and it is now a LP reg!

Turn the regulator piston around and insert it back in the regulator housing without the spring and washer.
Save these parts in case you want to return the marker to stock.

This is what the inside of the regulator housing looks like now.
It's a nice big low pressure chamber.

This is what is inside the marker body.
Remove this 3/8" brass nut with the socket or nutdriver.

These are the parts you will take out.
Place these parts in the same bag with the spring, washer and allen screw you removed from the high pressure regulator housing.

Screw the high pressure housing back in the top of the Intimidator.

This is a picture of the Intimidator with the Black Ice regulator installed.
That inline gauge is part of a Tribal tool kit.
We use it to setup various regulators and markers.
I did install gauges in the ports to verify the settings, but removed them for play as they stick out and make the marker wide.
That's all there is to it.
Finish installing your air lines and hit the chrono.
You will have to tweek the regulators a little, but you should be in the ballpark.
Happy Shooting.
Here are some additional modifications that have been done to our Intimidators since this was written.

This is a picture of the regulator housing before machining.

This is a picture of the regulator housing after machining.
We have done some porting and polishing on the inside of the chamber after these photos were taken as well as added the new LP chamber from Bob.
The results when coupled with the Semi Only Board, Trigger Switch Mod, Modified Warp Feed and 15V Revy are nothing short of amazing.

Here is some eye candy for you to look at.
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