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Fall Scenario Series
My Father's Son - September 27, 2014
Bastrop County Pink Santa Benefit Game - December 6, 2014
More info and storyline shortly


About Us:

Petty Paintball Field and Pro Shop - For Players By Players. Serving Austin and Central Texas since 1999. We are located between Bastrop and Lockhart off Highway 20 just 30 minutes from Austin.  We have something to offer everyone from the most non-serious recreational player out to paint a few friends, to the serious tourney player out to hone their skills.

  • Lots of fields requiring various playing techniques including Castle Rotstein, the ultimate attack and defend field and our new Custom 7 Man Airball!
  • Field paint only utilizing high quality paint at reasonable prices, no whitebox junk or seconds.
  • Netted spectator area next to the Airball Field so your friends can watch games
  • Covered staging area with an indoor Chrono booth and a sink with running water
  • 1-3K and 2-4.5K HPA fill stations using clean, dry class "E" breathing air
  • We pump our CO2 so you get a full fill
  • MEN'S AND WOMEN'S indoor flushing restrooms
  • Pro Shop with snack bar with candy, chips, micro-wave goodies, sodas and Gatorade
  • Factory Trained AND Certified Airsmith's available for repairs and upgrades

And you get all this with a reasonable price and good service delivered by friendly folks!

Our Mission

For Players, By Players.  It's more than a few words on a page.  We were players before we opened a field and still play when we get the chance.  We played here and there and never found the type of playing atmosphere we really liked.  That's when we opened Petty Paintball.  From our humble beginnings to where we are today, we have not lost sight of the main thing that got us where we are today - you the players who share the love of the game!

Company Profile

Petty Paintball is a family owned and operated business that has been operating continuously since 1999.  When you talk to someone on the phone or in the shop, you're usually talking to someone in the family.  When you have problems with your marker, we are ready to help.  With over 15 years of experience ranging from old school bolt action and pump markers to the latest bleeding edge technology of today's electro-mechanical-pneumatic wizardry, and just about anything in between, we can usually handle it. See the Marker Gallery for a few of the markers we have built, tuned, owned or voided the warranty on over the years.

Two Factory Certified Techs for the following product lines:

  • Bob Long
  • BT Paintball
  • Invert Mini and aXe
  • Dangerous Power
  • FEP
  • PMI Regulators
  • Halo, Empire, Magna and Prophecy Loaders

Plus familiarity with multitudes of other brands including

  • AKA
  • WGP
  • AGD
  • Spyder
  • Sheridan
  • Nelson
  • Carter
  • CCI
  • CCM
  • Custom Work on a case by case basis
Air and Pellet Gun Build and Repair Services - handled on a case by case basis, pump and CO2 versions. Service and repair of pistols and rifles. Unfortunately, some are not supported and parts are not available.
  • Crosman
  • Benjamin and Benjamin Franklin
  • Sheridan
  • Custom Work


Refunds and Privacy Policy

All returned merchandise must be in the original packaging with the UPC or bar code intact, and all components, manuals and registration card(s) included. Products using accessories must be returned with the factory-sealed accessory. Product that is returned incomplete, or damaged, -- if accepted -- will require a deduction. This deduction is final.

Deposits for reservations are not refundable within 7 days of reservation date.

Your Privacy is important - we don't share your info.

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General Information: info at pettypb dot com
Webmaster: info at pettypb dot com

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